Special Horses

Leach Rocking Horse

An exquisite example of an extra carved antique rocking horse attributed to P.Leach. 

He has much of his original paintwork intact with the very faint all over dapple pattern that is similar to another Leach rocking horse as shown in the book ' A Kiss Of Rocking Horses' by David Kiss.

He has what appears to be remains of his old saddlery, with some parts replaced as can be seen in the photos. His saddle cloths mane & tail are replacements.

He has the most beautiful extra carving to his neck and also on all four of his legs and a very exaggerated turn to his head.

A truly beautiful horse.

Leach - Again...more beautiful carving on this leach rocking horse

Leach - beautiful extra carving to all his legs & neck he also has a wo


A fabulous example of an early period rocking horse on bow rocker. Circa 1850.

It is a privilege to have him join our stables. He has his original elongated oval dapples, typical of the time, old saddlery & even one of his saddle cloths intact!

He has been sympathetically conserved to retain his originality.

It is always wonderful when a horse comes with a provenance & his makes interesting reading!

Legend - a beautiful antique bow rocking horse circa 1850

Legend - superb example of a bow rocking horse with original oval dapples t

'The Woman In Black' film stars...

Both of the horses pictured below starred in the movie 'The woman in black' 2012

These two horses starred in different eras of the film. The lighter grey horse (an exact copy of the antique rocking horse pictured directly below to the left) featured in the earlier part of the film & the antique rocking horse in the later part of the film. They represented the same horse that had naturally aged throughout the timespan shown in the production.

woman in black twins

woman in black gus

woman in black


A Beautiful Early Antique Bow Rocking Horse 

Reckless's last residence was with the Kennedy Clan at Cassillis Castle in Scotland, where he was admired by many a visitor over the years. 

The Kennedy Clan brought him to Cassillis Castle from Culzean Castle which they handed over to the national trust in 1946.

We are privileged to have him within our private collection.

Reckless home

reckless home2