Rocking Horse Manufacturers

F H Ayres

A very fine example of a rocking horse manufactured by F H Ayres. 

This example is known as a 'D' type & these were carved with significantly more detail than some of their other horses produced, to include extra carving on the legs, neck and rump. These horse also were given a realistic wither & dock with carving to mimic muscle definition along their spine. This old boy has a turned & twisted head & also an unusual long tongue.

His original paintwork is in exceptional condition - a rarity!

D Ayres Cavalier

D Ayres Cavalier head

G & J Lines

A fine example of another antique rocking horse with her paintwork in original condition.

This rocking horse is manufactured by G & J Lines. Notice her beautifully dished face & flared nostrils. G & J Lines rocking horses have a noticeably more feminine look than the F H Ayres rocking horses.

'Arabella' Rare Extra carved Lines 3 seat Nursery Rocking horse

'Arabella' Rare Extra carved Lines 3 seat Nursery Rocking horse

J R Smith

A really lovely antique rocking horse on a bow rocker by J R Smith.
'Smithy' bow rocker by Smith

Brassington & Cooke

An antique rocking horse by Brassington & Cooke on a bow rocker, fully restored to include new paintwork,tack & saddlery.

Brassington & Cooke - Bow Rocking Horse 4

Paul Leach / Leach

A fabulous example of a rocking horse attributed to manufacturer Paul Leach / Leach.

Leach rocking horses are one of my favourite of makers due to the realistic confirmation of their horses.

Beautiful Leach Rocking Horse with such fine carving detail